I’m Loving It… Man has over 75K pieces of McDonald’s memorabilia.

Mike Fountaine’s Allentown, Pennsylvania home is filled with 75,000 pieces of McDonald’s memorabilia.

He tells the Daily Mirror that he has been collecting items since he started working for Mickey D’s in 1968.”This collection means everything to me, it is my life’s work. Thousands and thousands of hours have been spent assembling this collection and taking pride to display it extremely nicely. I’m very proud to be a part of the McDonald’s family. We have a saying here, that when you love the business that you have ‘ketchup in your veins’, which I certainly do. I built the barn to help house the happy meal collection from 2005 to the present day as well as other pieces. I also have a room containing more than 1,000 McDonald’s cups and glasses from throughout its history. In total my collection takes up around 7,000 square-feet on my property.